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On the Website: Agate Freeform, Agate Slices, Amethyst, Barite, Celestite, Calcite, 
Calcite w/Hematite, Epidote Quartz, Fluorite, Hemimorphite, Labradorite, Petrified Wood Bowl, Pyrite, Quartz Freeform, Quartz Flame, Septarian 
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Amethyst-1300 (9
Amethyst-1300 (9"x10"x4")
Your Price: $565.00
On sale: $500.00 On Sale
Amethyst-1310 (11
Amethyst-1310 (11"x10"x7")
Your Price: $1,115.00
On sale: $945.00 On Sale
Amethyst-1324 (13
Amethyst-1324 (13"x11"x7")
Your Price: $540.00
On sale: $458.00 On Sale
Amethyst-1322 (12
Amethyst-1322 (12"x22"x10")
Your Price: $1,895.00
On sale: $1,648.00 On Sale
Calcite w/Hematite-1639 (15
Calcite w/Hematite-1639 (15"x9"x7")
Your Price: $858.00
On sale: $729.00 On Sale
Citrine-2270 (12
Citrine-2270 (12"x18"x7")
Your Price: $1,680.00
On sale: $1,465.00 On Sale
Labradorite-1456 (7
Labradorite-1456 (7"x9"x4")
Your Price: $358.00
On sale: $305.00 On Sale
Septarian Freeform-4122 (9
Septarian Freeform-4122 (9"x6"x3")
Your Price: $350.00
On sale: $297.00 On Sale
Septarian Freeform-4123 (8
Septarian Freeform-4123 (8"x4"x5")
Your Price: $225.00
On sale: $190.00 On Sale
Quartz-3897 (9
Quartz-3897 (9"x5"x7")
Your Price: $970.00
On sale: $825.00 On Sale
Amethyst-1153 (11
Amethyst-1153 (11"x21"x6")
Your Price: $1,430.00
On sale: $1,215.00 On Sale
Amethyst-1329 (8
Amethyst-1329 (8"x8"x5")
Your Price: $200.00
On sale: $170.00 On Sale
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